Virgo time

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo Traits: Methodical, meticulous, analytical and mentally astute, the Virgo natives are perfectionists to the core, or at least, they like to believe that they are. They are excellent managers, and may even ruthlessly ensure that the work is done, and well done, at that. Fastidious to the tee, they may be perceived as narrow in their outlook, critical and quarrelsome by many. Yet, unperturbed by the others’ view of them, they will go on doing what they feel if right, quietly and with a dogged determination. 

Lucky Day:Wednesday

Lucky Number:5, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50 

Lucky Colour: Orange, White, Grey, Yellow, Mushroom 

Lucky Stone(s):Topaz 

Lucky Talisman: The Key, The Owl, The Tau, The Bamboo and Serpent 

Positive Qualities of Virgo: Ability to discern, Perfection, Meticulousness, Coherence of thoughts and cations, Eloquence, Ability to remain quiet or placid in the most confusing circumstances. 

Negative Qualities of Virgo: Critical viewpoint on everything and anything, Contained yet stormy aggression, Fastidiousness, A myopic viewpoint. Image